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Meet Alex

Shared only with her permission, here are some great, clear examples of what this work can do for a high school singer! Listen as Sandra narrates this side by side example of Alex singing in her lesson with me in the fall of 2020.

Alex also really wanted to share with you her audition submission from January 2021, one month after we finished recording our second (*not yet released*) series. Note the poise and relaxed alignment she exhibits.

Before warming up her voice to record this audition, Alex took the time to incorporate a constructive rest, something Sandra teaches us during this series. This simple lie-down practice organizes the lower body to free the breathing container.

 I’ve noticed that if I do the lie down before I sing, it really makes a difference. When you’re lying down, it doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything, but once you compare it to singing without doing that, you’re actually DID do something! Usually I’d sing after some other activity so my mind was still on the other thing. But then after taking the time to center myself and my mind, it works! Also, I’ve been more aware of how I’ve been sitting for online school since I’ve been sitting a lot. I feel like I’ve always been aware of it but since I’ve started this course, my back hasn’t hurt. I’ve been trying to implement the things we are talking about here, and it works. So yay! 


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Thank you, Alex, for sharing your voice with us!


For other voice teachers out there, I think it’s important to note that I noticed that within just the 6 weeks of recording this first Freedom & Ease series, her upper passaggio opened up a noticeable amount on its own. This allowed us to begin a new repertoire, reaching above the staff.


She is also a flute player and throughout this course creation, she identified important connection points and distinctions between what is required of her as a flute player in marching band and the cues Sandra offered us in her guided practices. Sandra’s cues enabled Alex to focus on small adjustments, such as in her feet.

Freedom & Ease for Singers Online Course gives singers real, practical, tiny ways to work with the body amidst active lives, honoring your needs as a vocal athlete.  

I have found myself saying to Alex on multiple occasions, “I wish I had had this when I was your age.” 

We would love to have you join a growing community of singers who are breathing with greater freedom and ease, sharing the joy of who you are with the world.

Keep reading below for more testimonials. 

Thank you! We hope to see you on the other side.


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Meet Tammy

Yoga teacher & photographer

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More Testimonials


The message I am left with: our bodies are designed to function; we need only unfetter them. Rather than wrestle our bodies into "good posture," we can feel the spaciousness within and the "springiness" provided by the different parts of our bodies (flexible - e.g., muscles, inflexible - e.g., bones) working together. The kind, brilliant, and encouraging leadership of this class created the space for gentle practice and allowed this message to seep into my daily life. 




Melissa Levy

university professor, former middle school music teacher

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