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Freedom & Ease for Singers


A simple system and guided practice to encourage and

allow freedom and ease in the body, breath and sound.

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Hi, I’m Heather Hightower, founder of

The Center for Vocal Study. Welcome to Freedom & Ease for Singers. Join me as I introduce my friend and teacher, Sandra Bain Cushman and tell you a bit about her pedagogy called The Five Relations. We invite you to join us as she leads me and a few beloved singer friends on a journey of opening up to a freer and easier sound. We explore five relations in the body and discover how they encourage natural springiness of the body.


This course gives you her simple system and an empowering home practice so you can access these good feelings any time, on your own, wherever you are.

We are glad you are here. We welcome you on this gentle adventure of allowing your authentic voice to shine! 



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Freedom & Ease for Singers

is an online course that teaches you how to encourage and allow the right conditions within your body for free and easy breathing. In time, this leads to even more beautiful singing. You will understand how to work with your body wisely and precisely.

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